Flagship Location in Katy, TX to Open Spring 2023

Just a half mile off I-10 west near Brookshire, we’re opening our flagship location in the second quarter of 2023. So what makes this our “flagship” location other than the typical security fencing, 50,000 lumen LED lights, and 24/7 video surveillance? Let’s find out!

1. Fully paved lot

With each individual parking bay tailored for the driver behind the wheel, our lot design ensures easy maneuverability as well as ingress and egress. Nice 75’ wide drive aisles, 12×75 parking bays, and cell phone enabled gate access make this the singular most truck-driver friendly lot in the US.

2. Clean showers & restrooms

As Texans, we love our Bucee’s because you can always rely upon clean bathrooms. The same should be the case for truck stops, right? And let’s face it, there’s nothing better at the end of a long haul than a good, hot shower and being able to do laundry on site.

3. Landscaped detention pond

We love our pets too. Our landscaped pond will have a pathway around the perimeter to walk your four legged friend or just take a stroll to take the edge off.

Early rendering of the Riggy’s location at Highway 90

The new Highway 90 location is close to major distribution centers so that you can maximize your drive time and make the most money you can on each haul. Rent bays on a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis with our new iOS app. Quit worrying about where you’re going to park your truck legally and safely!

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