There is no truck parking standard, so we decided to create it.

The Riggy’s Truck Parking Standard

We come from a family of truck drivers, and we know there is no standard or baseline of truck parking in the United States. Some have security fencing with no lights while others have no gate and no demarcated or assigned bays making each spot a free for all. It’s literally the wild west of truck parking out there right now.

Most lots issue a 4 digit number to drivers for gate access; which is the same pin they give to everyone on site. The next thing you know the entire city has gate access and you have no sense of security or safety.

At Riggy’s, we utilize a custom truck parking app which is tied to your phone number. When you are within 200 feet of any entrance you’ll be able to open the gate via the app, guaranteeing only those that have reservations are parking on site.

What’s perhaps more frustrating for the daily trucker is that the contract terms for these lots are “one size fits all” and are not flexible to your schedules. Over the years, we’ve seen it all and we grew tired of it. There is no truck parking standard, so we decided to create it.

The Truck Parking Standard

All of our lots (whether owned or managed) will at a baseline include the following features:

  • 50,000 lumen LED lights to completely and evenly light the entire lot
  • Wide drive aisles for easy ingress & egress
  • Demarcated and numbered bays
  • 7 foot razor-wire fencing
  • 24 hour video surveillance monitoring
  • Private gate access via mobile app

In addition to standardizing amenities, we’re also creating a standard with how we work with truckers. We focus not only on large carriers, but also the mid-size carriers and individual owner operators who need reservable parking bays. Hourly, nightly, monthly, yearly terms; whatever you need for any number of bays. A truck parking lot with this kind of flexible contract agreements means you can park your rig on your terms.

All of our locations will have private gate access that you can control from your phone. No more getting out of your truck to type in a code or worrying about where you put that key fob, soon you can simply press a button on the Riggy’s app and open the gate as you approach one of our lots.

Beyond the Standard

The standard is merely the Riggy’s truck parking baseline. Our newest locations will include private showers, restrooms, free laundry, break rooms, and wifi. What better way to end a long day on the road than to sit back and watch the football game on our 65″ TVs? The Riggy’s West 10 location will provide a comfortable trucker’s lounge to unwind, meet other fellow drivers, and host barbecues.