Sometimes you may need to drop cargo.

Drop Yards

Drop Yards – Why, What, When, and Where!

Looking for the right place to park your trucks and trailers to prevent theft or damage? We know it can be challenging; however, drop yards can solve this problem for every roadmaster.

Let us tell you more about how these parking lots can increase driver efficiency and secure cargo.

What is a Drop Yard?

A drop yard provides designated space for parking trucks, trailers, and similar vehicles. As these modes of transport and delivery are massive, drivers often need help finding a secure parking spot. Often, drivers must scramble to unload cargo from ships and drop the cargo at a convenient place. In such cases, drop yards become a necessity for trailer drivers.

These yards allow drivers to securely store cargo for a short period of time while they go about towing additional loads. The best drop yards provide gated access with secure controls.

Why is it Called “Drop Yards”?

The term originates from truck drivers that bring load sets of doubles or triples to the drop yard from their terminals. They deliver one or more trailers in drop yards along the route.

When one trailer empties, the drivers drop it off and pick up another one. This saves the time and effort of going to the terminal back and forth to pick up other vehicles. As they leave the other trailers at the yard for some time, it has been categorically named “drop yard.”

Who Maintains The Yards?

The drop yards provide large areas, typically maintained by companies or corporates. They should cater to truck drivers’ needs as large cargo tends to account for the bulk of clientele. However, you might also spot a few cars.

How to Book a Slot in a Drop Yard?

Getting a space in a drop yard is incredibly easy. All you have to do is find a drop yard nearby or Google “Drop yard near me” to check all the available options.

But if you want the best, save yourself the hassle and book our 5-star rated services. We offer conveniently located yards for your cargo to ensure it stays in good hands while you are away.