Secure Truck & Trailer Parking in San Antonio |  24/7 Video Monitored Lots

Riggy’s currently offers secure truck parking in one convenient locations in San Antonio, but rest assured MORE ARE COMING. From daily parking to lengthy overnight accommodations, Riggy’s makes sure your big rig is stored securely.

San Antonio Secure Truck Parking


Leave your personal vehicle in your space while on the road worry-free. We are well-lit with 24/7 secured gated entry.

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We provide on-site CLEAN restrooms and dumpster service. Manage your parking space with online bill pay in your customer account.

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We commit to providing you with friendly, helpful customer service. Give us a call at (281) 296-3714 for any questions or concerns.

San Antonio Secure Truck & Trailer Parking Near Me

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The Riggy's Truck Lot Standard

Every lot managed or owned by Riggy's will have the same baseline standard of excellence.

24/7 Video Monitoring

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We have eyes on the lot at all times. Our Katy location has over 50 cameras alone!

Demarcated & Numbered Spots

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No wild west of parking at Riggy's. Every rig has a reserved, numbered spot.

50,000 lumen LED Lights

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Our lots are lit up like Christmas trees. You may need blackout shades on your rig to sleep.

7' Barbed Wire Fencing

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Another layer of security to help deter theft from our lots. Our flagship locations have 9' fences!

Wide Aisles & Spots

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No blindside parking here! Our lots have extra wide aisles & features 12' x 75' parking spots.

Private Gate Access

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Most lots give everyone the same code. Not at Riggy's, we verify every driver via our app.

About Us

We come from a multi-generational family of truckers and know firsthand the struggles of finding reliable truck parking. We set out to make truck parking an easier task for big rig drivers everywhere. Our goal is to make it easy for owner-operators, truckers, large fleets, and all carriers within the transportation industry to find a clean and secure place to park and store their trucks, trailers, and containers.

Truck Parking in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas, faces significant challenges when it comes to truck parking availability. One key factor contributing to the scarcity of truck parking spaces is the city’s rapid urbanization and population growth. As San Antonio expands, the demand for both residential and commercial spaces has intensified, leading to a reduction in available land for truck parking facilities. This urban sprawl limits the establishment of designated truck parking areas, exacerbating the difficulty for truck drivers to find suitable spaces for rest.

Moreover, the strategic location of San Antonio as a major transportation hub further compounds the issue. The city serves as a crucial crossroads for various interstate highways and trade routes, making it a central point for trucking activities. The high volume of truck traffic passing through the area, coupled with the limited parking infrastructure, results in increased competition for parking spaces. Truck drivers often find themselves vying for the limited spots available, leading to congestion and a heightened sense of frustration.

Additionally, regulatory constraints and zoning ordinances play a role in the scarcity of truck parking in San Antonio. Municipal regulations may restrict the establishment of truck parking facilities in certain areas, and zoning requirements could limit the available space for such purposes. These legal and bureaucratic hurdles further hinder the development of additional truck parking spaces, exacerbating the challenge for truckers navigating through San Antonio in search of suitable parking options.

San Antonio Secure Truck & Trailer Parking Near Me