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Can truckers make their own reservation without assistance?

Yes, Riggy’s has a mobile app to ensure that the booking of the parking is easy, quick and efficient with just a few clicks.

What is the security like at Riggy’s?

At a minimum, each location is fully fenced, well lit, has 24/7 controlled gate access, and security cameras throughout. Some Riggy’s facilities will have an on-site guard depending on the size and location of the property and the needs of our clients.

Can I park my truck at Riggy’s monthly, weekly, or daily?

Yes! Click here to see each location for details on reservation options.

How is your video/ security system different than other sites?

We have motion sensitive infrared video surveillance cameras on site that are monitored in real time 7 nights a week. As an example, if a dog approaches our yards perimeter it will trigger an alarm in our data center and the monitoring team will look to see what triggered the alarm. If it’s a dog, it’s a false alarm but if it’s a guy in a ski mask then they sound the alarms on site and shut down the lot. They will then contact the sheriff’s department and take control of the cameras in real time, getting photos of license plates and faces.

Will I have a dedicated spot if I book with Riggy’s?

Yes! All Riggy’s tenants are assigned a demarcated and numbered spot. No more first come first serve parking or someone parking in your spot when you get home from a haul.

Does Riggy’s only accept tractor-trailers, or does Riggy’s also accept trailers, bobtails, containers and other commercial vehicles?

We accept all of those options! We even provide parking and storage for dump trucks, box vans, containers, delivery trucks and most commercial vehicles you can think of.