Fully Paved & Secure Truck Parking in Memphis

We’re opening our first Riggy’s in Tennessee in 2024 and are already planning other locations in the region.

Memphis Secure Truck Parking


Leave your personal vehicle in your space while on the road worry-free. We are well-lit with 24/7 secured gated entry.

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We provide on-site CLEAN restrooms and dumpster service. Manage your parking space with online bill pay in your customer account.

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We commit to providing you with friendly, helpful customer service. Give us a call at (281) 296-3714 for any questions or concerns.

Memphis Secure Truck & Trailer Parking Near Me

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The Riggy's Truck Lot Standard

Every lot managed or owned by Riggy's will have the same baseline standard of excellence.

24/7 Video Monitoring

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We have eyes on the lot at all times. Our Katy location has over 50 cameras alone!

Demarcated & Numbered Spots

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No wild west of parking at Riggy's. Every rig has a reserved, numbered spot.

50,000 lumen LED Lights

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Our lots are lit up like Christmas trees. You may need blackout shades on your rig to sleep.

7' Barbed Wire Fencing

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Another layer of security to help deter theft from our lots. Our flagship locations have 9' fences!

Wide Aisles & Spots

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No blindside parking here! Our lots have extra wide aisles & features 12' x 75' parking spots.

Private Gate Access

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Most lots give everyone the same code. Not at Riggy's, we verify every driver via our app.

About Us

We come from a multi-generational family of truckers and know firsthand the struggles of finding reliable truck parking. We set out to make truck parking an easier task for semi drivers everywhere. Our goal is to make it easy for owner-operators, truckers, large fleets, and all carriers within the transportation industry to find a clean and secure place to park and store their trucks, trailers, and containers.

Truck & Tractor Trailer Parking in Memphis

Memphis, located at the crossroads of major interstate highways I-40 and I-55, serves as a crucial transportation hub for the movement of goods across the country. However, the high volume of commercial traffic passing through the region often leads to a scarcity of available parking spaces for trucks. The limited number of designated truck parking areas combined with the continuous flow of freight traffic exacerbates the struggle for drivers to secure suitable parking spots, especially during peak hours or overnight stays.

The issue is further compounded by the city’s economic activities and distribution centers, which attract a significant number of trucks for loading and unloading operations. As a result, truckers may find themselves circling multiple locations in search of adequate parking, causing delays, increased fuel consumption, and added stress. The lack of sufficient truck parking not only poses logistical challenges for the drivers but also raises concerns about safety, as some may resort to parking in less-than-ideal locations due to the limited availability of proper facilities. This ongoing difficulty underscores the need for strategic urban planning and investment in additional truck parking infrastructure to support the smooth flow of freight transportation in Memphis.

Memphis Secure Truck & Trailer Parking Near Me