Riggy’s Partners with TruckBays to Provide Modern Truck Parking Access

Beginning this week, we are beginning to pilot new software for our truck parking lots in northeast Houston. With the trucker use case always our priority, we are focusing on ease of use when it comes to gate access, bay management, payment management and communication.

TruckBays already has proven to modernize the truck parking industry with their software suite and now we look to partner with them to provide a custom Riggy’s truck parking experience that will be best in class.

“I knew Riggy’s was the ideal partner when I met the team, humble and determined to build a fair standard for truck parking”, says TruckBays CEO Adrian Rodriguez.

And the Riggy’s team feels likewise. This partnership should provide the best possible user interface and experience so that you’re truck parking experience at Riggy’s can be even simpler and smoother.